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Sunflower oilcake

And what do you know about this product? Apparently, only that it is a product that remains after squeezing the oil from the sunflower during pressing. But do you know what a valuable nutritional balanced supplement for animals and poultry it is? It is especially valued for its high protein content, which is the basis of the body of any animal and human. Sunflower cake is a real treasure trove of vitamins. It is a very nutritious and high-energy product, which includes fiber, which improves digestion and cleanses of toxins. Farm animals and poultry that consume sunflower meal improve metabolism, strengthen immunity and stimulate growth. Therefore, if you want to buy sunflower cake - we will be happy to help you. Our company Frescho Group sells the product in any corner of Ukraine, as well as the world. All you have to do is call the number or send orders to our e-mail address, which are on our website, and our manager will definitely help you solve any question!

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