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Soya oilcake

Do you want to saturate and enrich cattle, pigs, poultry or fish with useful substances? Soybean meal will help you with this. It is too nutritious and high-energy, and therefore an indispensable addition to any feed. Get it after squeezing the oil from soybean seeds. It contains a high level of protein, rich in phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, well absorbed by animals. By consuming it, dairy products and milk fat content increase in cows, productivity increases in laying hens, and pigs gain weight faster. Choosing this product from us, the company Frescho Group guarantees only the best quality and price and excellent service. It will be recalled that we work under international conditions EXW, FCA Ukraine, DAP, DDP and FOB. We deliver products in soft containers - big bags and bulk without containers. So call the number or send orders to the e-mail address that are on our site.

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