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corn flour

Used for the manufacture of feed and as a component for the production of biological fuel (pellet ,granules) . We sell on the conditions of delivery FCA Ukraine, also on DAP or DDP conditions. A piece of corn is packed in running runs. The estimated volume per month is 200-500 tons. We ship to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic , Moldova, Romania, as well as other EU countries and countries of Asia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other countries.

 Quality parameters

    Moisture / Moisture - 12.37%
    Color / color - yellow with it's hues / yellow with shades.
    Waste admixtures / waste of impurities - 0.04%.
    Fat content / fat - 9.31%
    Acidity - 2.2 °
    Ash content / Ash composition-2.77%
    Free from live weevils / Without presence of weevil infection
    Whole protein / Gray Protein - 10.33%

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