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Millet is a valuable cereal crop. It contains a high protein content, it is even more than in rice. Also, this cereal is rich in a number of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. Millet has a lot of fiber, which cleans the intestines well, cereals are well digested and well digested. Contains a large amount of starch (over 80%). Millet is also a valuable source of feed for poultry. Used in the chemical industry and other sectors of the economy. The Frescho Group company delivers only high-quality millet in big bags on the terms of delivery of FCA, DAP, DDP. We work with both Ukrainian and international markets.

The millet we sell has the following quality indicators:

The smell is characteristic of yellow millet Pest infestation - no Garbage impurity - 3% Humidity - 11.5% If you are interested in more detailed information - call the number or write to the e-mail address that you will find on our website.

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