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Lennox Commercial air units

All types of residential and industrial buildings are simply required to have ventilation and air conditioning systems. So to be comfortable in your premises, use the products of the famous brand Lennox EMEA. Lennox is a leading provider of climate control systems in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and heating, the main purpose of which is to assist customers in the implementation of their projects, providing rational and optimized solutions. By purchasing products of this well-known brand, you will ensure the supply of fresh air with filtration and heating in the room of different functional uses and sizes.

Frescho Group offers the following Lennox products:

- Lennox chillers and heat pumps;

- roof air conditioners (rooftops) Lennox;

- commercial Lennox air units;

- Lennox heaters;

- Lennox split systems;

- fan coils and Lennox air handling units;

- mini-split system Lennox;

- monitoring and dispatching.

VRF If your shopping mall, office buildings, warehouses and logistics centers, shops, cafes and restaurants, fast food, businesses, hotels, energy sectors still do not have ventilation systems - choose Lennox EMEA products. Call or write to us by e-mail and we will definitely help you. Only from us you will be able to profitably buy the ventilating installation at the favorable price and with delivery.

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