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International freight

Frescho Group has been leading the market for forwarding services for more than 10 years. Broad geography, reliable transport, a well-coordinated scheme of work and extremely high professionalism are the key to the success of the company, which increases the number of grateful customers each year.

We work in the territory of Europe, Asia , laying the optimal routes for ground transport, so that the destination always receives cargo in the shortest possible time.

Cargo transportation is carried out by specially equipped transport, which fully corresponds to the type and dimensions of the goods. In addition to standard cargo, you can trust us with open, heavy, assembly, bulk and dangerous (ADR) cargo. Moreover, we will take care of a product that requires a special temperature regime: refrigerators for cooling, deep freezing or heating will be at your disposal in which country of the world you would not be.

Transport transportation abroad

There is nothing impossible for us: we will deliver a cargo of any type weighing from 100 kg to 24 tons (from 0.5 m3 to 130 m3) in the exact time and in accordance with the requirements of safety and integrity of the goods.

Continuous delivery of goods abroad includes:

• materials for construction work;

• furniture and accessories;

• prefabricated houses;

• raw materials of different plans;

• alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;

• machinery for agriculture;

• oversized cargo;

• foodstuffs for which maintenance of a certain temperature regime is necessary;

• products of chemical products (both safe and dangerous ones);

• perfumery, cosmetics;

• plants.

If you are interested in road freight transport from Europe (delivery of goods from England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, etc.) and the Baltic States (delivery of goods to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) to the countries (delivery of goods to Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and etc.) and Asia, we will find the best solution for you I maximally save your money and time.



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