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Transportation by refrigerators

FRESCHO GROUP is responsible for the goods that our customers trust us with, and especially - when it comes to goods that require a certain microclimate - food, flowers, plants, beverages, medicines and chemical products. The specialists of our company adhere to all the requirements of international standards in the planning and organization of transportation, thanks to which even perishable products are delivered in the best condition.

For each type of goods we choose the transport that best maintains the temperature in the cargo compartment in the desired range.

· Fruits and vegetables - from 0 to +15;

· Chilled products (meat, poultry, fish, sausages, cheeses, etc.) - from -4C to + 6C;

· Goods requiring freezing, transported at a temperature from -20C to -4C.

Delivery of cargo by refrigerators with FRESCHO GROUP gives the following advantages:

· Information support. The customer receives comprehensive route information and permits required for the transportation of perishable goods;

· Optimal routes. Your goods will move along the shortest route, which will reduce travel time and deliver the goods as quickly as possible;

· Competent loading and transportation of meat goods, maintenance of optimum temperature on all points of a route depending on types of production (chilled, deep-frozen or fresh meat)

· Selection of the most suitable containers for each type of cargo.

FRESCHO GROUP provides high-quality delivery of cargo by refrigerated trucks to any of the following countries:

• Delivery from the European Union (France, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland , Sweden, Denmark) to the countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova)

• Transportation of goods from Ireland and England to the countries;

• Transportation from the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) to the countries;

• Cargo transportation from Turkey to the countries;

• Delivery of goods across the European Union.

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