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Corn germ

Do you know what a corn germ is? This is a grain waste that is obtained during the processing of the queen of Ukrainian fields - corn into groats. It is used in the production of oil and gluten. And the corn germ is a universal high-calorie component of compound feeds, which are so loved by most farm animals. The corn germ, which consists of 8-14% corn grain, contains 84-86% oil. In addition, corn germ contains protein, starch, sucrose and minerals. The product has a high percentage of vitamin E, as well as a rich vitamin complex: 3-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, folic and pantothenic acids, biotin and vitamin K. In the embryo, the chemical composition coincides by 95-99% of the whole grain of corn. We sell corn germ throughout Ukraine and for export, both in soft containers - big-bag containers, and in bulk without containers.

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