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Corn grits № 108

Corn grits are called the "queen of the table" and for good reason, because it can be used to prepare many dishes. The chemical composition of corn grits gives this product valuable properties. When taking it, you can not worry about a deficiency of vitamins B, C, provitamin A and carotene. It also contains vitamin PP and gold, but in very small quantities. But a considerable amount contains iron and zinc, potassium and phosphorus, calcium and copper, cobalt and manganese, magnesium and iodine. Cornmeal dishes are low in calories and strengthen the immune system. Our company specializes in supplying only high-quality кру108 corn grits worldwide. We work under international conditions EXW, FCA Ukraine, DAP, DDP and FOB. Products are delivered in big bags and in bulk without packaging. If you are interested in more detailed information - call or write to the e-mail address located on our website.

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