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Crushed corn grits AS 04

We are sure that you like chopped corn grits, because it is simply impossible to love them. Due to the very fine grinding, the porridge is tender and nutritious, absorbed by the body quickly and easily digested. Corn grits are a source of energy, it enriches the body with vitamins B, A and E, contains micro-and macronutrients. It is a source of low fat fiber. Thanks to cereals, the immune system is strengthened, nails and hair become strong, teeth are stronger. Corn grits reduce bad cholesterol and perfectly cleanses the intestines. Corn grits are used in cooking, as well as in the manufacture of confectionery, cereals, baby food and more. Our company supplies only якості101 corn grits of proven quality. We transport in big bags on terms of delivery FCA, DAP, DDP. We work with both Ukrainian and international markets. For more information, call the number or write to the e-mail address that can be found on our website.

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