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Corn grits № АС 01

The most healthy porridge for human health is corn. Therefore, it should be in every housewife in the kitchen. It is prepared from cereals obtained during the grinding of corn grain. Sometimes fine, medium and coarse grinding. Corn grits are generous with vitamins and amino acids, porridge from it helps to lower cholesterol, cleanses the body of toxins - this is especially effective in coarsely ground cereals. Corn grits also improve digestion and normalize the nervous system, invigorate and improve performance. It is best to store it at home in tightly closed containers, in a dark and cool place. Our company supplies environmentally friendly corn groats AS 01 coarsely ground and only proven quality. We transport in big bags on terms of delivery FCA, DAP, DDP. We work with both Ukrainian and international markets. For more information, call the number or write to the e-mail address that can be found on our website.

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