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Corn grits № АС 02

Not surprisingly, in most countries, cornmeal is invaluable, because it is a useful and at the same time nutritious product. Cereals contain a lot of useful substances, including vitamins B, A and E, nicotinic acid, fiber, zinc and phosphorus, amino acids and many other important elements. Corn grits bring maximum benefits, help to gain muscle mass, remove harmful substances from the body, gently cleanse the intestines. Regular consumption of corn porridge helps strengthen blood vessel walls and also prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques. Thanks to the useful product, hair and nails become noticeably stronger. Our company delivers coarsely ground AS 02 corn grits of only proven quality. We transport in big bags on terms of delivery FCA, DAP, DDP. We work with both Ukrainian and international markets. For more information, call the number or write to the e-mail address that can be found on our website.

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