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Transportation by tilt car

From the first day of its existence, FRESCHO GROUP OÜ has been persistently pursuing the highest level of customer service. This vector is still the most important in the work: it is the focus of both the company's management and the entire staff of the logistics and transport departments. Over the years of hard work, we have accumulated considerable experience, thanks to which we unmistakably choose the best solutions, helping customers not only to deliver goods of any weight and size on time, but also significantly save money. By choosing FRESCHO GROUP OÜ you get a number of indisputable advantages: · Prompt delivery abroad of goods of any weight and dimensions; · Competent registration of documents, loading according to all requirements of technical safety and support of goods; · Careful individual processing of orders to reduce the total cost of transportation and find optimal solutions for each individual customer; · Full compliance of transport with sanitary and hygienic standards. Cargo transportation by tilt motor transport is carried out in the following directions:

1. Delivery from Europe to the CIS (from France, Belgium, Holland, Croatia,Montenegro, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark to Ukraine, Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan, Moldova);

2. Cargo transportation from England and Ireland to the CIS countries;

3. Transport transportation from the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) to the CIS countries;

4. Delivery of goods from Turkey to the CIS countries;

5. Transportation of goods from EU countries to CIS countries;

6. Cargo transportation on the territory of the European Union.

Features of transport FRESCHO GROUP OÜ

We will promptly and correctly load / unload any product that you entrust to our company. Freight transport used for transportation allows all types of loading and unloading - rear, top and side. Therefore, we confidently undertake the transportation of any cargo, whether food, equipment, building materials or raw materials.

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