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Cargo transportation across the EU

Thanks to many years of experience in freight transportation throughout the European Union, we can confidently say: there is no problem, we could not solve it!

The transport company Frescho Group is one of the European leaders: clients trust us, we are recommended to colleagues and acquaintances, and we, in turn, take care of our reputation and value each client.

We cooperate with the following countries: • Belgium, Austria; • Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria; • Greece, Denmark; • Italy, Spain; • Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Holland • Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia; • Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Finland; • Estonia, Sweden.

We offer a number of undeniable advantages:

1. Affordable prices. Thanks to a competent logistics solution, you save on freight transportation, getting the best result.

2. Punctuality. Each of our clients receives a guarantee that they receive their goods on time.

3. Savings. Thanks to the possibility of forming groupage cargo, our clients are not limited by the standards of weight and volume of cargo. Groupage picking helps to save money without sacrificing quality of service or speed of delivery .

4. Full escort of cargo. Frescho Group offers the possibility of providing forwarding services along the entire route of transportation, so our customers do not have to worry about false deliveries and the like.

5. Optimal solutions. Experienced, competent logisticians of our company are well aware of the nuances of customs control and can foresee potential problems that may await the goods on the way to the addressee. That is why, first of all, we find the optimal solution for all criteria, which will save your money and time.

6. Turnkey transportation. Your goods will be delivered directly to the specified address and you do not have to worry about organizing transportation from the point of delivery to the final destination.

7. Individual approach. Our company is interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation with each client, so we are happy to offer a flexible price system that helps to meet the needs of everyone.

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