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Granulated and granulated wheat bran

High productivity of livestock is a full-fledged balanced diet. Wheat bran (granular and non-granular) is one of the components of a balanced diet of animals and poultry. This element of the diet is of great value and is ideal as food. Wheat bran is valued for its high fiber content, which in turn helps absorb nutrients from food and cleanses the body. Wheat bran contains a huge amount of vitamins, especially group B, as well as starch, protein, minerals and much more and useful. Wheat bran saturates animals and poultry with energy. We sell quality and useful feed for farm animals in bulk. We deliver goods to different parts of the world: to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Moldova and Romania. We also supply products to other countries of the European Union and Asia. We load the goods in big bags and in bulk without containers. So don't wait, write, call and buy now!

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