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Liquid cargo transportation

The company FRESCHO GROUP is able to provide transportation of bulk vantages for international routes, offering high-quality services for affordable prices. For the whole of low goods, transported in tanks is the optimal option, but it’s not only safe, but also the most economical option for transportation. Such vantages go in a safe viglyadi to the end point of the sign, and even allow you to save an hour and to transport it cheaply. We will be able to transport all groups of goods, including: • Naftoprodukti; • Khimichny speech (lacofarb products, acids, barvniks of the pink type, too); • Kharchova products (roslinna olia, alcohol, juices, water, milk too). Motor transport, vantage delivery is available. For the first time, as it is necessary to ensure the transport of bulk vantages, - send the most suitable tanker. Vona is to blame for the characteristics of the goods. We are ready to supply our customers with tanks, which adapt to a special temperature regime, depending on the type of goods, and to the extent possible. Before a skin voyage, the tank must undergo a re-examination and laboratory tests, which guarantees the safety of high international standards, sanitary rules and norms. Delivery outside the cordon - a new package of services. Bagatiy dosvid robots in the field of vantage transportation allow us to take care of the following perevagi: • Competitive prices for the transportation of bulk vantages; • Styles of terms of delivery; • Punctuality in the delivery of a tanker truck for navantazhennya; • Registration of the main package of goods transport documentation; • Insurance; • Delivery of bulk vantazhiv at the road to the end point of the sign. Delivery routes 1. Delivery from Europe (France, Croatia, Chornogoria, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Ugorschina, Czech Republic, Portugal, Nimechchina, Poland, Spain, Rumunia, Ugorshina, Holland, Slovenia, Slovenia Finland, Switzerland, Dania) in the territory of the SND (Ukraine, Kazakhstan Azerbaijan, Moldova,); 2. Delivery from the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) in the territory of the SND; 3. Delivery from Turecchini to the land of the SND; 4. Delivery from England and Ireland to the territory of the SND; 5. Vantazhopereserennya across Europe.

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