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Sunflower cake for technical purposes

Everyone knows that sunflower meal is a by-product of sunflower oil production. It is usually used in agriculture as an additive to animal feed. But did you know that sunflower meal is also used for technical purposes? Its main use is the production of excellent solid biofuels, namely briquettes and pellets. These products have a high level of heat transfer, are environmentally friendly, easy to transport and easy to use. It should be noted that biofuels from sunflower meal are superior to conventional firewood and compete with coal, gas and others. In addition to the use of sunflower meal as a biofuel, it is used as an organic fertilizer, which makes the soil loose and rich in useful trace elements, used in the cultivation of mushrooms, as a raw material for the preparation of ethyl alcohol and more. Our company specializes in the supply of sunflower meal for technical purposes only of excellent quality. We work under international conditions EXW, FCA Ukraine, DAP, DDP and FOB. Products are delivered in big bags and in bulk without packaging to any part of the world. If you are interested in more detailed information - call the number or write to the e-mail address that you will find on our website.

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