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Transportation of goods ADR

Transportation of dangerous goods over long distances is the most responsible and difficult task, which requires not only careful training and the availability of specially equipped vehicles, but also qualified personnel who are well versed in the specifics of such transportation. Increased liability in the carriage of ADR goods is due to the fact that insufficiently careful transportation can have consequences in the form of explosion or significant damage to the environment from soil or air pollution.

We work in all possible directions in Eurasia and Great Britain:

• Delivery from European countries (Holland, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal Poland, Romania) to the CIS countries ( Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldovan);

• Delivery from the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) to the CIS countries;

• Delivery from Ireland and England to the CIS countries;

• Freight transportation in the European Union.

Our company has the necessary licenses, permits and certificates confirming the qualification and permission to transport long-distance routes of dangerous goods (including explosive and highly toxic).

In addition, we transport the following types of goods:

• Flammable substances;

• Caustic substances and oxidants of different categories;

• Peroxides of organic origin; • Poisons;

• Substances that carry an infectious risk;

• Radioactive elements and substances;

• Substances that create corrosion.

Delivery abroad of ADR cargoes. The technical capabilities of FRESCHO GROUP allow you to competently coordinate the entire transportation process, so that the delivery of goods was clearly performed within the time specified by the customer. Given the specifics of ADR cargo, we do everything necessary for safe and careful delivery of goods to the destination, including options to maintain the required temperature or other conditions of quality transportation.

As part of the services provided for the transport of dangerous goods ADR, we perform the following:

• Turnkey delivery;

• Logistics scheme planning;

• Tracking of cargo at any point of the route;

• Consulting and insurance services.

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