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Camion truck


Trucking (cargo transfer) – is a type of services, which requires a high level of professionalism and attention on the each part of work. Whatever the delivery of cargo connected with, — transport of products, substances, oversized equipment or other goods, you always want to be sure that delivery abroad is easy and fast. At first view it may seems that rather than look for and pay for the services of companies it would be better to organize the move, using smaller vehicles to save money. However, in practice such transportation is often hard and grueling, may take more than one day. As a result, halfpenny benefits can silently turn into unexpected expenses and losses. FRESCHO GROUP OÜ offers complex professional services from the EU to Asia, the Baltic States and the CIS in both directions. Delivery from one country to another is carried out with strict observance of safety regulations and standards, as well as taking into account the individual needs of clients, their expectations and demands. Our company has offices in many regions, contributing to precise monitoring of all transit cargo and its safe delivery. In addition to the services of loading, route planning, transportation and delivery of goods at reasonable prices, we are engaged in insurance and representation of the interests of our customers in the European Union, as well as mediation and payment of invoices of suppliers from China, the US and other countries. The slogan of FRESCHO GROUP OÜ –is quality and flexible solutions cargo and high standards of execution of each order according to the expectations of the client. You can be sure that the transportation cost will be trouble-free, fast and good.


International freight

Frescho Group OÜ has been leading the market for forwarding services for more than 10 years. Broad geography, reliable transport, a well-coordinated scheme of work and extremely high...

Transportation of goods in the European Union

Thanks to the many years of experience in freight transport throughout the European Union, we can confidently curse: there is no problem that we could not solve! The transport company Frescho Group...

Tented cargo

From the first day of its foundation the company FRESCHO GROUP OÜ assigns priority to the qualitative organization of transportation. Good experience and knowledge gained during the existence of...

Cargo by refrigerators

Company FRESCHO GROUP OÜ organizes cargo transportation with refrigerators in strict accordance with the needs of each client, while adhering to all international standards and regulations....

Large sized cargo

FRESCHO GROUP OÜ company successfully carries out the transportation of small sized cargo anywhere in the European Union, Asia and the post-soviet union countries at for good prices. Unlike other...

Freight ADR

Freight ADR, or dangerous goods — is a very responsible task, since these products are a potential risk of explosion or fire during movement or storage and can cause serious damage to the...

Liquid cargo

Company FRESCHO GROUP OÜ operates international transportation of bulk cargo, offering high quality service at affordable prices.

Representative services

The company FRESCHO GROUP OÜ’s rich experience in the branch of international transport enables us to provide our customers with a complete package of consulting and representation services in any...

Services for the processing of grain

Services for the processing of grain

crushing of maize for animal feed

crushing of maize for animal feed

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